The Timbre’s Gone Fishin’

Friends and fellow podcast fans,

We’re turning off the lights and locking up the doors for the next month.

For the past year and a half, we’ve listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts, faithfully brought you our best recommendations, and worked hard to shape the landscape of podcast criticism. We’ve loved every second of it. But it’s a passion project and one we do at night, on weekends, on our commutes to work, and in the spaces between appointments, meetings, and just, you know, life. And right now our lives are too hectic to give it the attention it needs.

Accordingly, we’re taking the next month off to catch our breaths and regroup.

If you need anything, you can still email or tweet to us. Otherwise, just stare up at the moon and sing “Somewhere Out There,” and know we’ll be singing it, too.

With love,

Devon, Eric, & LJ



Author Description

The Timbre brings thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis to podcasts and the larger culture of podcasting.

  • Rest up, editors, and come back recharged. Podcasting needs you.

  • Robin

    You will be missed. Come back soon!

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for all your hardwork! I love this site. It is so needed and so appreciated. Now get some rest!