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Spooning leads to forking 89 percent of the time, according to our sources, and marriage leads to divorce at least some of the time, we’re pretty sure. So, this week we take on the mind trip that is often described as life’s purpose—happy unions—without leaving out the fascinating subject of their bitter ends. Check out this week’s playlist for an exploration of the two sides of the same coin, a coin that we never stop obsessing over.

First Kiss: Radio Diaries always nails it, especially when it comes to complicated relationships. I love this story they did about a kid with Tourette’s and his first kiss.”
– Hillary Frank of The Longest Shortest Time

This Senator Saved My Love Life: “This is an episode about breaking up & reconciling & the hard work of relationships. It’s funny and surprising and oh-so-wonderful.”
– Devon, editor

Dear Sugar Radio: “The popular Dear Sugar column in podcast form, featuring Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. Though it’s not exclusively about relationships, marriage & divorce come up plenty, and the discussions are often touching.”
– LJ, editor

The African Queen: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn and John Huston (the Blacklist Episode #4): “The story of Humphrey Bogart’s breakup with his third wife Mayo Methot, while he fell in love with Lauran Bacall. Bacall and Bogart are one of Hollywood’s few happy ever afters.”
– Eric, editor

Songs My Mother Taught Me: “Ostensibly a doc about British women who married Canadian soldiers in WWII, Brookes discovers his mother’s ratings for her sexual partners, her reinvention as an immigrant and the way she affects him now. ”
– Anne Wayne, reader


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  • LoveCanberraPodcast

    Wow, some fantastic podcasts to check out, thank you 🙂 Love Anna Sale’s story about trying again with her now-husband.

    When I think of radio advice columns, my mind always goes to Sleepless in Seattle.

    Now here’s my own little plug for my podcast set in Canberra, Australia, about love, sex and relationships: . If you check it out, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • MrTrollbaitEsq

    Thanks for coming back, guys!