EXTRA! The Timbre is Growing

No, we are not having a baby, but The Timbre is expanding.


On behalf of founders Devon Taylor and Eric McQuade, we are very pleased to announce that Laura Jane Standley has joined The Timbre as a partner and the new Editorial Director.

In this capacity, she will head overall strategic planning for the company, manage and expand online editorial content, and further creative and commercial partnerships. She brings with her a wealth of creative and editorial knowledge. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Believer, Vitamin W, The Rocky Mountain Oil Journal, American Contemporary Artist, 303 Magazine—where she was the Editor in Chief, and Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art—where she was the Managing Editor. She holds a Master in Fine Arts in creative nonfiction from Columbia University, works as a copyeditor at an ad agency on Wall Street, and lives in the dumpy part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York (Her words, not ours. She hasn’t yet invited us over…).

What does this mean for you, dear readers? More content! More writers! More podcast coverage!

For us, this partnership comes after something of a courtship over the past several months. Laura Jane (or “LJ” as we tend to call her) approached us in July 2015 as a writer interested in covering Cast Party. We were impressed with her professional background and her enthusiasm and knowledge about podcasts. We even forgave her that she pronounced The Timbre wrong, because so does everyone else (for the record, it rhymes with “amber,” and, no, it’s not a made up word). From her perspective, LJ was excited to see that The Timbre was doing something no one else was doing: giving podcasts thoughtful and careful consideration and connecting listeners with new and outstanding shows (again, her words, not ours!). Like us, she was an avid listener of podcasts and had even written a collection of personal essays on the subject. On top of all that, The Timbre is based out of Denver, Colorado—LJ’s hometown. Let’s just say it was love at first sight.

Since July, we’ve all worked together to expand the vision of The Timbre, including overhauling the look and feel of the company’s packaging, as well as developing new creative projects and bringing on new talent. Much of that will be rolled out in the coming months and we are very excited about how it is all shaping up. When it became clear that we just couldn’t live without LJ’s contribution, we went ahead and popped the question, and she said yes!

We’re thrilled to have Laura Jane as a member of our Timbre family and can’t wait to see the many ways she will help us all celebrate the wonderful world of podcasting.



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