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Each week in Buzz, we’ll give you a roundup of our favorite podcast reads from around the internet.

October 5, 2015: Julia Greenberg from Wired, “Podcast Revives Esquire’s Greatest Stories—And Its Business”

Esquire is continuing to expand its digital offerings today with the launch of its very first podcast, also called EsquireClassic. Hosted by David Brancaccio, each episode will dig into one of those iconic stories with the help of the audio format of the moment, alongside guests set to include authors, academics, actors, and comedians alongside Esquire writers and editors.

Esquire Classic—the magazine’s new podcast inspired by its extraordinary back catalog—speaks to how much great content is yet to be released from some important publications. At this point, it’s astonishing Esquire doesn’t already have a podcast to integrate its print material with digital audio. Podcasts are the darling of new media, yet plenty of content providers ignore them. Still, it’s never too late for a very good thing. The new podcast is right in our wheelhouse, too. Episodes will feature a slate of great writers and reactions, commentary, and analyses of their essays. Check out their first episode on the magazine’s most-read essay of all time, “The Falling Man.”

October 6, 2015: Kier W. Zimmerman from The Harvard Crimson, Podcast Pioneers Assess Medium at HUBWeek Panel”

‘In my opinion, the thread between public radio and podcasts doesn’t exist,’ said panelist Benjamen Walker, the host of Radiotopia’s Theory of Everything podcast. ‘There is something to this actual medium itself. It’s different than radio. You can’t use the same tricks.’

On October 6, 2015, a group of radio movers and shakers—Jake Shapiro and Kerri Hoffman from PRX, Chris Lydon of Radio Open Source, and Benjamen Walker of Theory of Everythingdescended on Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society to talk the podcast game. We love the idea that universities are opening up panels for speakers with heightened interest in podcasting. To that point, Walker is a fascinating case for understanding how radio and podcasting are different. His preoccupation with the subject bleeds into his podcast. As for live events, we think they’re an underserved element of podcasting that is finally starting to ramp up.

October 1, 2015: Susannah Butter from The Evening Standard,The pod squad: why savvy Londoners are making their own podcasts

Discovery remains an erratic process. There isn’t yet a YouTube for podcasts. American developers were working on something called Odio but ended up being distracted by their side project, which became Twitter.

Why is everything more palatable for Americans when delivered through the mouth of a dandy Brit? The “pod squad” is a precious endearment premiered in this piece, an article that gives the rundown of what makes podcasting in England different than in the U.S. of A, mostly having to do with even less money and going super-niche.

October 5, 2015: Marcus Jones from Vulture, “Marc Maron Will Finally Ask Lorne Michaels WTF Happened With His SNL Audition

‘The best and worst thing Lorne Michaels can do is when I go, That day that I came in here for the meeting, and he goes [in Lorne’s voice], I have no recollection,’ he said. ‘That would be so amazing. I would cry.’

If you’re hip to WTF, you’ll understand why his interview with Lorne Michaels, which Vulture predicts will be out early next week, is a big deal. Maron broke the news at The New Yorker Festival over the weekend. Fans know that whenever Maron has an SNL person on the show, he never fails to ask about the man in charge or the audition process, often adding whatever lore he’s collected. Maybe Maron is at peace with where he’s ended up—the rest of the world is—but he’s for sure bringing a boatload of intensity to this interview, and fans are definitely excited AF.

The Heart’s Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli are getting married!

The wedding will be part radio-listening event, part performance art and all celebration.

Okay, not really, but they are officially becoming business partners. If you’ll be in New York next week (October 16, 2015), consider donning your finery and snagging a ticket to this soiree at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn.

New Podcasts in the News

GE launched an eight-part sci-fi podcast called The Message about a 70-year-old communication from outer space. The acting is legit. GE is advertising it on other podcasts—we like to see podcasts advertising podcasts.


Mystery Show’s Starlee Kine was on Conan!

HearSay International Audio Arts Festival extended its deadline for the HearSay Prize until October 12, 1015. Hurry, hurry!

The Sarahs’ Very, Very, Short, Short Stories Awards is open for new entries until October 15, 2015. Why are you still sitting here? Go enter these contests!


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