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New York! NYC. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. New York has no shortage of nicknames and tends to inspire strong opinions—from those who think it’s overpriced and overpopulated, to those who agree, but love it anyway. No matter how you feel about the big city, there’s no denying its vast cultural and artistic influence. We see this influence in podcasts, too. In fact, we would bet good money (e.g. the price of a 150 sq ft studio in Manhattan) that, at this very moment, a New Yorker is starting a podcast. Give us good enough odds and we’ll even bet that the subject of the show is New York itself. Lucky for us podcast fans, some of these New York-centric podcasts turn out to be very, very good. Here are some of our favorite Gotham-inspired podcasts.

The Season: “In sports we celebrate winners, but the losers usually have the better story—hence The Season. Following the Lions through a single season of weekly dispatches, The Season made me root for the Lions passionately when I thought I didn’t give a crap.”
– David Krasnow, Executive Producer of The New Yorker Radio Hour

New York After Rent Part I, Part II, and Part III: “In typical zany and brilliant fashion, Benjamen Walker examines how New York City has changed since Airbnb invaded. The second act of Part II will change your life.”
– Devon, editor

Profiles:NYC: “One-minute portraits of the millions of the beautiful creatures that haunt New York.”
– LJ, editor

Annie Hall vs. Manhattan: “I’ve never understood why Manhattan has to take a backseat to Annie Hall. Finally, a chance to right a wrong.”
– Eric, editor

Brooklyn Left Me Broke and Tired: “Heidi Reinberg mourns the loss of New York, of her New York, as she’s on the verge of getting kicked out of her apartment in Park Slope.”
– Jill Letter, reader


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  • Sanya Kushak

    As always, a thought-provoking list of wonderful podcasts! Look forward to this every week. If I may suggest one that really got my earbuds this week – The Seriously Podcast from BBC Radio, Choose Life, Feb 23 episode.