We Choo Choo Choose These Podcasts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Timbre Spammer readers. It’s here. And we can’t prove or disprove if the holiday is really just a thinly veiled conspiracy created by the chocolate, flower, restaurant, jewelry, and greeting card industries to take our monies and torch our hearts. We can neither confirm nor deny whether or not its abbreviation is purposefully meant to be confused with venereal disease. What we do know is that love comes front and center, this week and always. The Timbre editors have gone HAM on love, sweeties. We hope you’ll embrace our playlist and be our Valentines.

Soul Mate: “This is what I wish every radio drama sounded like. I find myself questioning whether it’s real or not, until it becomes overtly clear that it’s an exaggeration.”
– Kaitlin Prest, Host of The Heart

Greetings from Coney Island: “One woman begins to receive love letters from the past while another contemplates a love she lost. Both stories are woven together in an astonishingly beautiful way.”
– Devon, editor

Love Hurts Series: “It might be on the self-indulgent side, but Lea Thau stands in for our own egos and insecurities when she interviews exes about why love failed them—and somehow, the result is uplifting.”
– LJ, editor

First Love and 27 Other Firsts: “This extraordinary piece will have you wishing you never fell in love in the first place.”
– Eric, editor

Zulu Charlie Romeo: “An Italian-American woman falls in love with a Zulu man performing in a traveling show. We all deserve a 20th century, interracial love story with a happy ending.”
– Sydney Lopez, reader


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