Podcasting in Color

If there’s one thing podcast fans can agree on, it’s that talking is mostly better than not talking. And this is especially true of race—a subject most people think about, but many don’t know how to talk about. Fortunately, some very smart men and women have taken on the task with outstanding podcasts devoted to the subjects of race, culture, diversity, and discrimination. Whether we’re fumbling, making strides, disagreeing, missing the point, hearing the point for the first time, or totally clueless, our playlist this week is designed to inspire a listening binge about one of the most important and pressing cultural issues of today. We hope you’ll have a listen. We hope you’ll keep the conversation going.

PostBourgie: “It’s funny and super smart, like hanging out with all your intellectual friends you never knew you had.”
– Tracy Clayton, Co-Host of Another Round

Another Round: “Most podcast fans have probably heard of Another Round, but no list of podcasts featuring diverse voices would be complete without it. Tracy and Clayton are giving a clinic on what it means to be a black woman in America.”
– Devon, editor

The Read: “Jump into this show whenever you find it—the hosts mostly talk about current events and pop culture, but topics of race, feminism, and queerness come up each episode. It’s a lovely model for how to bake awareness into everyday conversation.”
– LJ, editor

Latino USA: Latino USA is a podcast that celebrates the USA as the multilingual, multicultural nation that we are. It also shares compelling stories with voices and characters that prove America is one continent, not two.”
– Eric, editor

Creed, with Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington: “A joyous, celebratory conversation about Creed and the Rockymovies and what they mean in black culture.”
– James Callan, reader


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  • Sarah Genay

    Under “Another Round,” you named the hosts as Tracy and Clayton, when it’s in fact Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. Thanks for an otherwise great list.