On the Campaign Trail

’Tis the season! If you live in the United States, welcome to the next year of wall-to-wall political coverage leading up to the November presidential election. It’s exhausting work sorting through the newspaper op-eds, social media arguments, and barrage of negative campaign ads. Lucky for us, podcasts have us covered. There are a spate of truly excellent political podcasts to help us make sense of the American political scene, understand our crazy electorate, or at least laugh at the dog-and-pony show.

The Rebel Yell: “Only writing this good could make an acid trip, Kid Rock, and a visit to the 2004 Republican Convention add up to a poignant, patriotic swell.”
– Sarah Geis, Artistic Director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival

How Howard Dean Became the Grateful Dead of the ’04 Campaign: “Failed politicians spill the beans about how it all went wrong. If you haven’t thought about Howard Dean since his infamous scream, here’s your chance.”
– Devon, editor

Pumped on Trump: “Trump supporters aren’t ever given the mic long enough to do anything but sound insane. Not so here, when the staff of Reveal gives them so much airtime that their POV finally becomes clear, and then makes you want to give up on humanity.”
– LJ, editor

Superman Comes to the Supermarket, by Norman Mailer: “A visit to the 1960 Democratic National Convention, starring John F. Kennedy and Norman Mailer, where a candidate with Don–Draper good looks masters the modern artform of running for president.”
– Eric, editor

Slate’s Political Gabfest: “Everyone will say it, so I will too—Slate’s Political Gabfest. Love to hear it every week.”
– Jason Warner, reader


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